Short Films

Faith in Fear Prombot Bloodline Sac 48hr Festival Wheel of Knowing

The Lottery Ticket - Place Called Sacramento 2013

This short film was a part of the 2013 Place Called Sacramento Film Festival. You can learn more about the project at The Lottery Ticket project page.
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Prombot - 2012

3rd Place winner of the UC Davis CSTEM competition. The students did an amazing job for such a rushed production. It was a lot of fun.
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Bloodline Sacramento 10 x 10 - 2010

Official Selection From the 2010 Sacramento Film and Music Festival. Part of a 10 x 8 Film Competition, Blood Line had to have an overall theme of "Lines"; 2 props had to be used, a dart board without darts and a child's toy. We also had to incorporate 2 lines from the movie Monty Python. Enjoy.
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Sacramento 48hr Film Festival - February 2008

48hr film festivals are my favorite; it's a jam packed rush, write, shoot, and edit. Our given theme for this shoot was "Romance", I'm not sure the judge's found it romantic...
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Wheel of Knowing - June 2007

The Wheel of Knowing short film was produced for the Place Called Sacramento Film Festival. It won the festival and motivated the production of the feature film.
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Short Films continued...

Faith in Fear Anger Scrapbooking Addiction Hacker Joe Say No More

Faith in Fear - November 2007

This film was produced for a 168 hour film festival sponsored by Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena California. Considering what we had at the time this little flick turned out quite well.
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Sometimes the only thing that gets us going in the morning is a good cup of coffee. Watch out for the pastor who hasn't had his morning brew. Tossed together in a weekend. I'd like to thank Jan and Norman for doing such a wonderful job acting.
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This video was produced for Sermon Spice. A special thanks to Ed Barber who does a wonderful job acting, then again maybe he should stick to coaching ;-)
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Hacker Joe 2006

Hacker Joe is my ever so precious student film, rather embarrassing really, I apologize for the harsh language and violence...

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Say No More 2006

My good friends Say No More, while the band is no longer together, their music lives on via! This was the first music video produced and directed by BPF's, with Joe Rubenstein as the Director of Photography.

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